I don't give a shit whether this skinny woman was the subject of a 'warrant' – a warrant is nothing more than a document issued by a robed political apparatchik: every act I perpetrate is also covered by a warrant (I play dressup and issue them myself).

These doughnut-inhaling scumbags were acting like thugs, and I fully support any action to remedy the wrong they perpetrated.

History shows that once the political class over-reaches, their drone-thugs start to view themselves as above the 'law' (the collected opinion of the parasite class). Then, elements in the community start to take matters into their own hands.

If I were these two fat shitbags, I would start wearing Kevlar to bed: Youtube (and other repositories) is starting to develop real traction as a global mechanism for sousveillance… ask yourself how easy it would be to get these fat jerks' personal details – then ask yourself if you want to be in their shoes.