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First things first: MarketMentat stands in full support of everything Wikileaks does, and stands for. To that end: MM has a Wikileaks mirror where you, the dear Reader, can view the Wikileaks Cable releases as they happen (to date, less than 1000 of the 251,000 cables have actually been made public).

The mirror is at so go there and enjoy. For a complete list of mirrors (there are now over 1000) see our mirror list.


As youse are probly all aware, Julian Assange has been arrested pursuant to the ludicrous trumped-up charges forced down the neck of the Swedish justice system by Marianne Ny – a woman who got tetchy after the international embarrassment of having the initial warrant rescinded within hours of its issue.

Update: JA was denied bail in the 16th-century set-piece that folks for some reason still think is relevant (yes, OK… the State has all the guns and most of the armed goons – I get that). The Australian government, in its usual display of supine gutless craven power-worship to the 'superpower du jour', did the same thing as they always do – kissed ass and refused to aid its citizen.

While JA is a very important fellow in the global information movement, this is not some silly B-Western where you capture (or kill) the guy with the biggest head-dress and the rest of the braves scatter like chaff in the wind. The Yanks (and governments generally) like to think in those terms when considering their 'enemies' – and yet if you suggested that the US or UK would fall apart if Obama or Cameron were assassinated, folks would think you need your head read.

The political parasite class is fighting what I have referred to as a 5th generation enemy (extending William Lind's taxonomy, which tops out at 4th generation).

Lind's taxonomy is something like:

  • Ist gen: line and column. Rebs and Union line up across from each other, and shoot;
  • 2nd gen: linear fire and movement (WWI-style set pieces; WWII pitched battles);
  • 3rd gen: manoeuvre warfare: Waffen-SS (and to a lesser extent, paratroopers and US Marines); bypass or punch through enemy front lines, then attack from the rear
  • 4th gen is decentralised insurgent/guerilla warfare; the enemy is decentralised, there are no pitched battles: all the enemy has to do is wait. (In some sense the American Revolutionary War had some aspects of this – but far better examples are US in VietNam, Russia, US in Afghanistan, US in Iraq.. all losses for the 2nd/3rd gen powers against the 4th gen enemy)

A fifth generation engagement involves the same 'ghostly' hard to grasp decentralised structure, where there is no 'field' of battle; there is no territorial (in the genuine sense – terre or terradirt) objective… and a goodly chunk of the enemy are within your own home territory.

The enemy – us – does not require armaments, and their objective is to force civilised behaviour on those who live by scoffing our taxes: by 'civilised' I don't mean polite phraseology or bowing to the Queen; I mean stopping fucking killing peasants in far flung parts of the world as part of some ludicrous pissing contest between fucking megalomaniacs.