So every man and his dog is selling Gold today – it can’t get traction for more than about 30 seconds, and there’s like one 17 year old intern on the bid (the bids are fake: you can tell because when one bid moves, the next bid is half a dollar below it. Also, towards the end of the day all the bids will end in ‘8’… some fucking Kinezi who thinks it’s good Feng Shui to have 8s in his shit. The entire cake is a fucking lie, ladies).

Buy Gold (at $1566 now). Buy DAX (at 6275 now). Buy SPI in the overnight (at 4400 now).

Everyone’s on one side of the trade, girls. You want to be on the opposite side.


Note: that doesn’t mean that your Beloved GT thinks that the bullshit-artists of the parasite political class have a solution to the problems they produced: they are not going to make an announcement that they are outlawing themselves and committing mass suicide (chance would be a fine thing).


(Bugger –  hit “Post” before I had properly finished the thought expressed in the prior paragraph…)


Edit/update… as I was saying: the bullshit-artists of the political class – the most parasitic, power-hungry, unscrupulous and self-serving of all our species (to the extent that they’re the same species… I think not) – are not coming up with SuperPLan II.

As I’ve said countless times:  if you believe that those bullshitting parasitic vermin could find their assholes with both hands, then you’ll believe anything. If they had a solution, they would have implemented it before now, at one or other of their prior colelctive masturbation sessions (flying Gold Class of course).

After all,foresight is kind of their fucking job. That’s the supposed justification for taxation and representative government, for fuck’s sake – to protect the dummies at the bottom from predation.

These are supposedly people who are better at seeing the future than the common schlub – which raises the question: why is it  that anytime the shit actually hits the fan (Qld floods etc), the government sticks its hand out for more money? Don’t we pay taxes as a kind of ‘insurance’ – laying off risk to these palace-dwelling cunts?


Anyhow… point is: it’s a trade, not a wedding. The markets will bounce from deeply oversold, before they continue their death-spral (said death spiral reflects the final knell tolling for what remains of western post-enlightenment civilisation… you fuckers trusted the politicians with things, and they fucked it up in order to enrich themselves precisely as economics suggests they always would)