A lot of people are missing a key point in l'affaire Petraeus: how about the fact that the CIA was unable to determine that its leader was 

(a) having an affair;

(b) had his e-mail account hacked (or attempted-hacked, depending on who you read); and


Ditto for the DIA as concerns General Allen (OK, so Allen was not Director of DIA, but you get the point). Hell, Allens' correspondence with Kelley ran to TWENTY THOUSAND PAGES – he must have been typing full-time (or transferring documents), and NOBODY CAUGHT ON. WTF? Billions of dollars of the alphabet-soup intelligence agencies, and they fail RIGHT ON THEIR OWN DOORSTEP.

As I have said often and widely, the CIA missed (failed to forecast, and to the extent that it fell within their remit, failed to prevent or forestall) every single issue of geopolitical and strategic importance since its foundation:

  • the Russian bomb,
  • the Chinese bomb,
  • the French bomb,
  • the Indian bomb,
  • the Pakistani bomb,
  • the fall of the Berlin Wall,
  • the reunification of Germany,
  • the fall of the Soviet Union,
  • the rise of the Taliban,
  • the USS Cole,
  • the Beirut bombing …

EVERY SINGLE ONE, right up to September 11th (and further – right up to the overthrow of US stooge Pharoah Hosni-hotep Mubarak). Find a single issue of geo-strategic significance that happened in the mid-to-late 20th century, and the CIA missed it.

And now we have some idea that it can't even assess the behaviour or control the e-mail account of its own leadership, and/or cannot figure out whether its leader is being subject to scrutiny by other intelligence-gathering mechanisms (domestic or foreign).