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A Tiny German Student Chick…


Said this, at the height of the most repressive regime in history apart from those in the Arab world backed by the US.

The real damage is done by those millions who want to "survive." The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don't want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won't take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don't like to make waves — or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honor, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small.

Sophie Scholl

When Little Sophie was dragged before the costumed fuckwits who wield the whip of the State, did she grovel and beg? Like fuck. Here's what she said as she was being sentenced to death:

Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare express themselves as we did.


I am, now as before, of the opinion that I did the best that I could do for my nation. I therefore do not regret my conduct and will bear the consequences that result from my conduct.

Betray-Us and Broadwell (nee Kranz)… OK, I’ll Bite.


A lot of people are missing a key point in l'affaire Petraeus: how about the fact that the CIA was unable to determine that its leader was 

(a) having an affair;

(b) had his e-mail account hacked (or attempted-hacked, depending on who you read); and


Ditto for the DIA as concerns General Allen (OK, so Allen was not Director of DIA, but you get the point). Hell, Allens' correspondence with Kelley ran to TWENTY THOUSAND PAGES – he must have been typing full-time (or transferring documents), and NOBODY CAUGHT ON. WTF? Billions of dollars of the alphabet-soup intelligence agencies, and they fail RIGHT ON THEIR OWN DOORSTEP.

As I have said often and widely, the CIA missed (failed to forecast, and to the extent that it fell within their remit, failed to prevent or forestall) every single issue of geopolitical and strategic importance since its foundation:

  • the Russian bomb,
  • the Chinese bomb,
  • the French bomb,
  • the Indian bomb,
  • the Pakistani bomb,
  • the fall of the Berlin Wall,
  • the reunification of Germany,
  • the fall of the Soviet Union,
  • the rise of the Taliban,
  • the USS Cole,
  • the Beirut bombing …

EVERY SINGLE ONE, right up to September 11th (and further – right up to the overthrow of US stooge Pharoah Hosni-hotep Mubarak). Find a single issue of geo-strategic significance that happened in the mid-to-late 20th century, and the CIA missed it.

And now we have some idea that it can't even assess the behaviour or control the e-mail account of its own leadership, and/or cannot figure out whether its leader is being subject to scrutiny by other intelligence-gathering mechanisms (domestic or foreign).

Help Assange BY ACTION


My take on the silly "Open Letter to Kevin Rudd", which is trying to get help for Julian Assange – from the short-ass parasitic maniac who grinned like a psychopathic accountant when he learned that an Indonesian accused had been killed without trial:

When will people larn that relying on political parasites to defend individual rights, is nonsense? Might as well PRAY for all the good it will do.


Here’s something that would guarantee Assange’s safety: make it clear to anyone who participates in some stupid theatrical ‘legal’ set-piece that deprives Assange of his liberty, that they will never, for the rest of their lives, be able to “tell pale-hearted fear it lies, and sleep in spite of thunder”.


That goes for the robed geriatrics in their 16th century costumes, the badged and constumed jailers etc (who Thoreau rightly placed on a par with straw or lumps of dirt); everyone who participates.


Reliance on politicians – when the state is clearly showing itself neither capable nor willing to do anything except tend to its own malignant metastasis – is flat-out dopey.


Mencken wrote famously that there comes a time when a reasonable man has to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats; Diderot made it clear that man will be free when the last king (politician) is strangled ith the entrails of the last priest (or judge). We are there, folks: they have thrown taxes – collected by force -onto a bonfire in order to make their financiers a minute amount more rich. They are NOT here to help.

Bet that doesn't get past the 'moderation' phase… which is good, because we are past the point where being 'moderate' helps.

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light…


OK, so here's the thing.

For some time now, your Beloved GT has had to – ahem – prioritise things other than the prefatory waffling that you always knew and loved.

As a result, there has been a certain 'dried up dogshit' flavour to the Rants for some time – the absence of twice-daily steaming mind-grogans has been a definite negative. The Rant-engine has been on auto-pilot and as a result it has been producing a rather mawkish stool… all numbers and tables and whatever-the-fuck.

That changes now, bitchez.

I've been going progressively crazier during my absence: from now on I am going to just fucking unleash the madness. 

When I say 'madness', I don't mean the sort of cartoon bullshit madness that is the life-essence of fucktards like Hannity and Palin and Huckabee and Netanyahoo and the rest of the primitive insane tribal motherfuckers.

The shit here – profanity laced and all – will be so fucking sharp you better not let it get near your pants or it will cut your dick clean off. Right the fuck off, and you won't feel it go – first you will even know is when you start to feel faint and notice a wet warmth in your groin.


The profanity is part of the thing; I and others are making it our personal fucking mission to move the language-ball.

We figure that the way to destroy the hate-capacity of various pejoratives, is to use the fuck out of them until they become meaningless. (And we're right, so if you think of objecting shut your fucking pie-hole).

So 'nigger', 'kike', 'gook'… 'faggot'… and especially 'retard' – all will fall by the wayside from over-use (the way 'anti-Semite' has been debased – these days all it does is help identify tribal lunatics… those who say it).

Retard redneck fuckwits will have to find out some other way to fling shit out of their cages.

So words will no longer mean what they mean:

  • 'shit' does not mean poo or grogan or bowel movement or stool; it just means 'this thing that I am talking about now'.
  • 'fuck' does not mean 'copulate' or 'have sex with' or anything like that. It just means 'the shit I just said? I totally fucking meant it';
  • 'bitch' does not mean a female dog or a woman of any sort – it has no gender. It's just someone who needs to shut the fuck up.
  • 'faggot' does not mean a homosexual or an ass-bandit or a poo-pusher; it just means someone who is bullshitting and risks being fucked up.

and so on… you know what I mean, bitch.


So anyway… this will help get rid of the chaff – the weak-ass bitches and faggots who care more about the politeness of a conversation than they do about whether or not they are implicitly supporting a fucking atrocity.

Anyone who objects to the word 'fuck' as obscene, but is not actively agitating to stop the political class from killing innocents, can go fuck themselves.

Once those faggots are gone, we can talk about useful shit – technology, human advancement, some super-interesting political shit.

And markets, obviously – you will see directional calls that will blow your fucking mind.


Of course, it's mostly going to be shit that conforms to my prejudices, but often I will use the opposing (stupid) viewpoint to introduce the topic.

With that by way of introduction, here's a forewarning of what I plan to write about tomorrow (or maybe in today's OzRant):

Our prevailing hypothesis here in mentatSpace is that the broad outlines of technological process on any other putative world, would be the same as they were here on Earth.

That has implications. We humans are about one generation away from becoming 'posthuman'; strong AI and so on will mean we would no longer require our fleshbags: they are inefficient, badly designed, and vulnerable to any conditions outside of a very narrow range (we die if it's too hot or cold, too wet or dry, too much radiation… and so on).

The important thing is the mind; that's where your personality is. The meatbag is a vehicle that enables the mind to feed itself from its surroundings; the mind will be able to to stored in microscopic AIs in due course, and will be able to be housed in much smaller, more robust and energy-efficient housings.

We will achieve post-fleshbag civilisation way before we achieve reliable manned insterstellar (or even interplanetary) spaceflight. When we are able 'to boldly go where no man has gone before' we will do it in nanoscopic vehicles that are mind-blowingly efficient… we won't have to worry aboutsituations in which Sulu (or Worf, or Rodney, or Rush) says 'shields are down to 35% – atmosphere is venting on decks 9 through 12' or any other such TV nonsense.

Now… if that's the case for us, it has some corollaries.

It is not sensible to think that ETs would have retained their fleshbags when there is a logical case for replacing them as soon as technically feasible. 


Aliens would become 'post-alien' before they developed reliable repeatable interplanetary flight, and so if they were ever to visit it would be in nano-scopic AI-capable vehicles.

The result of this is that anybody who talks about visitations by alien life forms who go around in fleshbags, is probably bullshitting or doesn't understand the interaction.


And here's where it gets insane… post-alienism also probably means that they could interface directly with the mind of any entity they chose to.

Voices in your head, bitch. (note – most voices in your head are still just lunacy… but some aren't)

If you are interested, get hold of a copy of "Transcendent Man", which is mostly about Ray Kurzweil (but contains loads of alternative viewpoints too); at the end he describes a process whereby post-human society sends nanobots with AI out into space, 'waking up the universe'. The universe has already had a few billion years head start… odds are that once we become aware enough, we will discover we are already awash in post-alien nanotech.


Seriously, that is a topic that would roast your brain if you had ever used DMT.

Why Voluntaryism? MUST WATCH…


The video below is 4 minutes long and gives the perfect explanation of why voluntaryists (like your Beloved GT) think that the 'social contract' is a hypocritical cover for cowardice and theft. Its non-hectoring, balanced tone helps get the message across.

Find ONE SECOND of “Narcissism”… (STICKY)


[Update: for those unfamiliar with the term "sticky" – it has nothing to do with the state of your underpants or mine. It means that the post in question will stick to the top of the page, and each day's globs of rant-y self-promoting ooze will appear below it.]

The Yank media – full of fellators-of-power – have tried repeatedly to paint Townsville-Boy-Made-Good Julian Assange as tetchy, irascible and narcissistic; I insist that anyone who thinks that, views the 22-minute mini-doco embedded below…

What did you see? You saw a gentle, polite, modest man with a quiet determination to add value to humanity.

Nobody who actually knows Julian Assange, has a single bad word to say about him. If you hear otherwise, they're selling something.

Australians should be ashamed today for two despicable acts perpetrated in our collective name by the political class who sponge off our taxes. 


The first is the vile, racist 'border security' bullshit: while we permit capital to flow across borders like water or air, we refuse to permit free ingress of people who wish to make a new life in this country. That policy – denying people the chance at a better life – is directly responsible for the deaths at sea today of a bunch of folks seeking to make a new life. It is reprehensible, shameful, racist and deplorable: every country should be glad to have risk-taking, aspirational folks coming through the doors.

The second is the failure of the political class to protect the most important Australian since Simpson and his donkey. I am reminded of the famous threat issued by Teddy Roosevelt – "Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead" – when a US citizen of vastly lower importance than Assange was kidnapped in 1904.

If our "Kath&Kim" Prime Minister was fit for the role, she would have threatened to declare fucking WAR on England if they did not return our lad back to this wide brown land.

I am anti-war, as youse all know: but in this man, Australia has an equal to Paine, Proudhon, Diderot or Voltaire. 

Plus, we could take England in half an hour: we would just need to wait until "X Factor" or "Dancing with the Stars" was on.

WikiRebels – Changing the Global Conversation


No arguments, dearest darling Reader… just fucking watch this, OK? I've even embedded it for you.

It's an hour out of your life, which is a small price to pay to better understand how a small group of blindingly smart, dedicated people have changed, for the better, the global conversation in the world that you live in.

And once you've finished that, make sure you visit and bookmark WLCentral.org – which has grown from almost nothing, to the top 0.2% of all global web traffic, in the last month.

Am I jealous? I hear you ask… well, answer the following questions: is the Pope an ex-Nazi who protects child-molesters? Is Bibbidy-Bobbidy Nethan-Yahoo's comb-over the biggest disgrace since Ezekiel ate a shit sandwich?

So yeah. I'm fully jelly.

Anyhow… your Beloved GT exchanges tweets with some of the folks involved and they are our sort of people: bright, engaged, and committed to helping with a noble cause. Donate to them, and to Wikileaks, you bunch of skinflints.

Assange Arrested; Leaks to Continue…


This post will be the top story for a while – normal market reports will appear below it.


First things first: MarketMentat stands in full support of everything Wikileaks does, and stands for. To that end: MM has a Wikileaks mirror where you, the dear Reader, can view the Wikileaks Cable releases as they happen (to date, less than 1000 of the 251,000 cables have actually been made public).

The mirror is at http://wikileaks.marketmentat.com so go there and enjoy. For a complete list of mirrors (there are now over 1000) see our mirror list.


As youse are probly all aware, Julian Assange has been arrested pursuant to the ludicrous trumped-up charges forced down the neck of the Swedish justice system by Marianne Ny – a woman who got tetchy after the international embarrassment of having the initial warrant rescinded within hours of its issue.

Update: JA was denied bail in the 16th-century set-piece that folks for some reason still think is relevant (yes, OK… the State has all the guns and most of the armed goons – I get that). The Australian government, in its usual display of supine gutless craven power-worship to the 'superpower du jour', did the same thing as they always do – kissed ass and refused to aid its citizen.

While JA is a very important fellow in the global information movement, this is not some silly B-Western where you capture (or kill) the guy with the biggest head-dress and the rest of the braves scatter like chaff in the wind. The Yanks (and governments generally) like to think in those terms when considering their 'enemies' – and yet if you suggested that the US or UK would fall apart if Obama or Cameron were assassinated, folks would think you need your head read.

The political parasite class is fighting what I have referred to as a 5th generation enemy (extending William Lind's taxonomy, which tops out at 4th generation).

Lind's taxonomy is something like:

  • Ist gen: line and column. Rebs and Union line up across from each other, and shoot;
  • 2nd gen: linear fire and movement (WWI-style set pieces; WWII pitched battles);
  • 3rd gen: manoeuvre warfare: Waffen-SS (and to a lesser extent, paratroopers and US Marines); bypass or punch through enemy front lines, then attack from the rear
  • 4th gen is decentralised insurgent/guerilla warfare; the enemy is decentralised, there are no pitched battles: all the enemy has to do is wait. (In some sense the American Revolutionary War had some aspects of this – but far better examples are US in VietNam, Russia, US in Afghanistan, US in Iraq.. all losses for the 2nd/3rd gen powers against the 4th gen enemy)

A fifth generation engagement involves the same 'ghostly' hard to grasp decentralised structure, where there is no 'field' of battle; there is no territorial (in the genuine sense – terre or terradirt) objective… and a goodly chunk of the enemy are within your own home territory.

The enemy – us – does not require armaments, and their objective is to force civilised behaviour on those who live by scoffing our taxes: by 'civilised' I don't mean polite phraseology or bowing to the Queen; I mean stopping fucking killing peasants in far flung parts of the world as part of some ludicrous pissing contest between fucking megalomaniacs.

PornoScanners + PhotoShop -> Profit!!!


For those of you who are stupid enough to believe your overlords when they tell you that there are no concerns which arise from the new pornoscanners used by the degenerate, sociopath-staffed molestation agency (known as the TSA)… shut your pie-holes.


Exhibit 1: a scan of a nicely formed young lovely (remember how your overlords promised you that the scanners can't store and transmit images? Oopsie!) passed through a simple colour filter.

Given the types of scumbag who work for the TSA (see, for example, the Pro Libertate blog entry on the criminal rapist scum who got jobs at the TSA), there is NO WAY I would permit these creepy shitbags to get a scan of my junk, or of my Lovely's junk, neither.

Short airlines – although they're already screwed (and I've always said they're value-destroyers), this will cause several airline stocks to go to zero.

Git Yerself Some Anarchy…


Youse all know by now that your Beloved GT thinks that we ought all to withdraw our consent from the parasitic vermin who purport to 'run' the 'country'.. .whichever country it be. Although some might call this viewpoint 'anarchist' (and your Beloved GT does so himself, betimes), it's not really correct – which is why I try to discipline myself to always use the moniker 'akratist' or 'voluntaryist'.

The problem with discipline is that I'm not naturally given to having much of it. I'm what you might call 'talented': skills that I would like to possess – be it kicking left footed or writing PHP code – I find are reasonably easily acquired. It is no mistake to say that the thing that has most often characterised your Beloved GT has been the tendency to think that he would be able to leave a thing until the very last minute, then excel despite putting in minimal effort.

I greatly admire people who exhibit 'grit' – because I don't have much of it: if I can't coast through a thing, I would rather have a nice lie down.


Anyhow… I was babbling about anarchy/akraty/voluntaryism.

Many very bright minds – perhaps as bright as me, even – have turned their brains to thinking about this subject.

Now here's the thing: anybody who reaches any conclusion other than the one I reached, is not as smart as me – because I have thought on this as hard as I have thought on anything in my life. I re-examine my premises for this conclusion every day, because it is a critical conclusion that – if held with conviction – requires coherent, radical action.

The conclusion is this: we have the right to ignore the State, and if we wish to live as moral beings, we have an obligation to ignore the State. In other words, we should live in relation to the State as most of us live in relation to, say, the Catholic death-cult, the Jewish genital-mutilation cult, or voodoo or Freemasonry: we should let those who want to be involved in such silliness do so (and we should mock them if we think it fit), but we are not obliged to ever let them foist their silly doctrines on us or mulct us out of one farthing.

And so it should be with the State. We are presently, in our relationship to the State, slightly further along than we were in the late 1800s when Spencer wrote "The Right To Ignore The State"; the salient paragraph will make you think hard…

The time was when a man's faith and his mode of worship were as much determinable by law as his secular acts; and, according to provisions extant in our statute-book, are so still. Thanks to the growth of a Protestant spirit, however, we have ignored the state in this matter — wholly in theory, and partly in practice. But how have we done so? By assuming an attitude which, if consistently maintained, implies a right to ignore the state entirely. Observe the positions of the two parties. "This is your creed," says the legislator; "you must believe and openly profess what is here set down for you." "I shall not do any thing of the kind," answers the non-conformist, "I will go to prison rather." "Your religious ordinances," pursues the legislator, "shall be such as we have prescribed. You shall attend the churches we have endowed, and adopt the ceremonies used in them." "Nothing shall induce me to do so," is the reply; "I altogether deny your power to dictate to me in such matters, and mean to resist to the uttermost." "Lastly," adds the legislator, "we shall require you to pay such sums of money toward the support of these religious institutions, as we may see fit to ask." "Not a farthing will you have from me," exclaims our sturdy Independent: "even did I believe in the doctrines of your church (which I do not), I should still rebel against your interference; and if you take my property, it shall be by force and under protest."

Some of youse will know full well that your Beloved GT is a Freemason (albeit a highly heterodox form that does not observe the 1720s 'Anderson's Constitutions' injunction exhorting the brethren to respect the offices of the State). Even so, youse all have every right to poke fun at it, and if the political class ever tried to steal out of your paypackets to fund the building of a Lodge, we would take to the barricades together to prevent it.

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