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They Crow About Their Crimes…


The sociopathic scumbag mentioned in the article excerpted below – John Warden – has made it clear that he specifically planned a war crime: the targeting of essential civilian infrastructure. These acts were central to a program that resulted in the deaths of half a million Iraqi children.

If he is not sent to the Hague along with the political leadership of the time, then China should invade the US and institute regime change.

Either that, or simply note his particulars and commence private proceedings in whatever form takes your fancy.

Key features of the bombing campaign were designed – as its principal planner, Colonel John Warden of the US air force, explained to me afterwards – to destroy the ‘critical nodes’ that enabled Iraq to function as a modern industrial society.

via LRB · Andrew Cockburn · Worth It.

Rehabilitate the Swastika


A very sensible post over at the Church of Nobody, in which Nobody points out the historical injustice suffered by the symbol that we are all encouraged to hate: the swastika.

Imagine if Islamic countries banned the crucifix based on the violence they suffered during the Crusades: in a very real sense that would be fairer than the treatment accorded the 7000 year old symbol of peace  – because the Crusaders were explicitly furthering the cause of the people who adopted the crucifix-as-religious-symbol (yes yes, I know – the ankh is cruciform: don't try to out-symbolism-ise a freemason).

(Note – the image used as the thumbnail for this post is the division badge for the US Army's 45th Infantry Division – it is based on an American Indian symbol and has nothing to do wit hnasty old Adolf).

Armed Scumbags “Following Orders”…


I don't give a shit whether this skinny woman was the subject of a 'warrant' – a warrant is nothing more than a document issued by a robed political apparatchik: every act I perpetrate is also covered by a warrant (I play dressup and issue them myself).

These doughnut-inhaling scumbags were acting like thugs, and I fully support any action to remedy the wrong they perpetrated.

History shows that once the political class over-reaches, their drone-thugs start to view themselves as above the 'law' (the collected opinion of the parasite class). Then, elements in the community start to take matters into their own hands.

If I were these two fat shitbags, I would start wearing Kevlar to bed: Youtube (and other repositories) is starting to develop real traction as a global mechanism for sousveillance… ask yourself how easy it would be to get these fat jerks' personal details – then ask yourself if you want to be in their shoes.

Julian Assange at TED


Another Aussie helping take down the bad guys. Listen closely to precisely how diligent they are at moving material through different jurisdictions in order to accumulate legal whistleblower protections. Sensational.

Covers the Bradley Manning/Adrian Lamo leak; the "Collateral Murder" video and other stuff.

Poor Little Runt-goblin…


Some naughty sod has gone a bit overboard in the "Comments" on the Independent site – thought I should reprise it here in case it got moderated out of existence…

Calling it 'Sarkoland' implies that the inhabitants don't view this irksome gauche little parvenu with utter contempt. He's an errand boy, and they view him as such.

Back in the olden days when I lived in Paris (first in the XVIeme – a deux pas du Bois du Boulogne, then in the VIIeme entre la Tour et Invalides), the writing was on the wall that this "nabot méchant, nez cochu" had his eyes on the Presidency.

We had hoped that the attempt to bayonet him (ClearStream) would stick and that the garish little wide-boy would slink back to trying to sponge off the organised criminals who helped finance his rise. Sadly his handlers saw it coming and he was able to try and blame de Villepin – thereby ending dV's presidential run. (dV is not massively popular with the Paris moneyed types either – thick lips betrays a hint of spear-chucker in the mix, and the particule is soi-disant).

It can only be hoped that l'Affaire Bettencourt plus dV's new right-splitting spoiler party, will do for this grotesque little goblin's hope for a second term. May he live the rest of his stunted life in ignominy, feeling his short-man's insecurity around him like a heavy cloak.

Oh – and watch Carla go the way of Cecilia… never take up with other men's hand-me-downs, because if they will be unfaithful WITH you, they will be unfaithful TO you..

Ah, quel bonheur… on peut regarder la chute de cette espèce de fils de pute en temps réel.

(Ugh – to many 'de' in that sentence… stupid language anyway: ce soir je fêterais la Bastille – encore un jour quand l'état français n'a pas pu se défendre).



via Sarkozy's summer of scandal – Europe, World – The Independent.

I Love It When Vermin Eat Each Other…


So – just before I started watching "My Small Breasts and I" on ABC2 (speaking of which – how fucked up are women? If a bloke stuck a sock down his jocks he would be a joke, but chicks buy padded bras and 'chicken fillets' and nobody bats an eye!).

Anyhow – as I say… before the show about how fucked-up women are (lusting after attention from people based on their mamms… obviously looking to be attractive to the better class of lad).


OK… let's start over, ignoring the strange gineza who used a boob-sucker to try and get bigger boobs.

I saw on Channel Nine, that Tax-Parasite-In-Chief KRudd is facing a challenge from one of his subordinates in the tax-parasite game – Jooooolia Gillard.

Now neither of these two has ever been anything other than a Party machine-cog.

They have – neither of them – faced a market test of their competence or their value. Not ever. Gillard was an apparatchik in the ALP in Victoria, and Rudd was likewise (in Queensland, if memory serves).


To see them knifing each other in the back is delightful – it shows that even though these two are "Party" types, their own personal ambition is so important that the ywill gut the Party's chances at the next election in order to further their personal ambition.

It's like watching Syphilis being attacked by Ebola; you just don't know who to hate most.

YNet Defends Brave IDF Pirates… Like…


Warsaw, 1943

Waffen SS-Brigadenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop today defended the use of "limited force" by his troops as they participated in an operation to restore the peace in sections of Warsaw overnight.

Stroop, who replaced SS-Oberführer Ferdinand von Sammern-Frankenegg in April, strongly refuted claims that the 2 battalions of Waffen-SS engaged in systematic attacks on civilians.

"It's all very well to repeat these baseless allegations that are circulated by terrorist sympathisers: our men went in to help restore order and were met by terrible violence from sections of the community who are linked to al Qaeda… oops… I mean Irgun Zvai Leumi – the Jewish terrorist organisation. What do you expect our men to do in the face of terrorist violence?"

Stroop insisted that his men – including several batteries of artillery – were sent in with orders to "engage in gentle persuasion and dialogue" with a view to ending the uprising in the ghetto, which is now in its fifth week.

"To be frank, these people bring it on themselves," said Stroop, "Our lads try to negotiate and end to this drama, and they are met with people who throw stones at them."

Elsewhere, Reich administrators promised "Swift, decisive action" to try to bring a halt to the recent spate of suffocations at detention centres at Auschwitz, Belzec and Bergen-Belsen – which have been the subject of conspiracy-theorising by enemies of the Reich.

The suffocations – some of which bear the tell-tale pathology of cyanide poisoning – are "the unfortunate result of respirator malfunctions", according to an anonymous source with intimate knowledge of the operations. "All this talk of 'Vernichtungslager' this, 'Death Camp' that… it's a distraction that prevents our brave men from defending the values that represent our way of life."

Sources close to SS_Brigadenfuhrer Stroop deny claims that he has plans to build a wall to enclose the entire Jewish section of Warsaw.

The Political System MUST Change


[Note – this was a Draft in my Drafts folder… it is not unalloyed genius, but it would move us 3/5ths of the way to a more beautiful society if implemented… it was originally penned in 2004 and is presented unexpurgated]

To my way of thinking, the "conservative" ending of "neoconservative" is a malapropism which must be corrected if history is to provide a guide as to the reasons behind destruction that these ideologues are intent on wreaking. The inclusion of the "neo-cons" under the Conservative rubric reinforces the misconception that these vultures have anything to do with the Burkean tradition.

The fact that the overwhelming mass of neo-conservatives are ideological "migrants" from the Far Left should be the first sign. That they have shown no signs of discarding the far-left's demands for widespread upheaval as a means of procuring ideological ends, marks them definitively as anything but conservative. They are marxist-radical in everything but name – and they chose the "neo-conservative" name themselves, in an application of Leo Strauss' "noble lie" approach. If they simply called themselves "radical marxians" they would not get a job – not even in academia.

A Modest Proposal

I have long been an advocate for the complete abolition of political parties (more accurately, the establishment of a system which would effectively kill off political organisation within a country) on precisely this basis – that economic power seeks to influence political decision-making, and does so successfully in a "democratic" political system. And of course it seeks to influence political decision-making in ways that are not aligned with the majority of the electorate. (I say this as an ARDENT supporter of market forces in all goods and input markets).

The system I advocate is a return to the Athenian system of selection of officeholders by sortition (i.e., by lot), whereby government is formed by selecting adults at random from the population and giving them portfolio responsibilities for a period of two years. These officeholders are barred from receiving any side payments, as are their immediate families, for a period of five years after the individual leaves office. One individual is selected as "Head of State" and serves for a period of one year.

The upshot of this is to completely undo the political party system; the "legislature" would effectively become a body made up entirely of independents (and more to the point, of "last term" independents). Lots of gridlock – which limits the amount of damage that political institution can do to the economy.

In my cynical view, parties exist for their own ends, and serve as the rationing mechanism for "candidature". As such, members of the political class are "successful" primarily as a result of displaying service to the party machine, not to the political system (and certainly in no way as a result of their perceived benefit to the electorate). The upshot of this, is that politicians tend to be highly conformist to the ideologies of the major parties rather than advocates of social progress.

It is virtually impossible (under the current system) to win a seat without the backing of a political party. Under my proposed system it is impossible for a political party to determine who holds a seat. It is also impossible for a party to control the behaviour of incumbents (via threats of disendorsement, for example).

So political parties disappear. So does most corruption, since most corruption is performed "efficiently" under the current system, whereby capital buys an entire party by simply buying a share in its leadership structure (through political donations).


Furthermore, most political donation is performed in order to fund re-election: under my proposed system there is no amount of spending that could influence the outcome of the next election. The incumbent simply goes back into the raffle machine.

There are several additional benefits to "randomocracy" as I call it. The only argument against it is the high level of "turnover" amongst the leadership (why that is a bad thing is beyond me), plus the (spurious, in my judgement) assertion that those who rise to positions of political power are somehow "specialists" and to ration them out of the system would result in a sub-par outcome.

I believe that randomocracy aligns perfectly with Rawls; if you can guarantee that ON AVERAGE you legislature reflects the values of the median (and average) voter, you're halfway to a better society.

That Didn’t Last Long…


As usual, the political tax-eating parasite class has totally bogarted my Samizdata-hippopotamus-related buzz.

In case you're not aware, Victorian tax-eaters have empowered their doughnut-inhaling thug-drone squads to search any citizen, with no requirement for a warrant or probable cause.

This flagrant violation of rights recognised all the way back to Magna Carta, stems from the fact that there are bad people who do bad things.

When's the last time anything bad happened to you, Dear Reader? Seriously… ask yourself.

And what did the State's thug-drones do to prevent it?

The answer – universally – is fuck all.

Law enforcement – the aforementioned thug-drones – are far too busy collecting revenue (speeding tickets being the fave) to do anything remotely preventative… so when it comes to actual violence against persons and property, these public-teat-sucking fuckheads turn up after the event and flail around in the aftermath.

The raw fact is that they can't prevent their own from being snapped, so they've got Buckley's of ever being ex-ante useful to some Mundane (that's what we akratists call folks like you and me – folks who aren't indemnified from the consequences of their actions by virtue of being underwritten by the rape of taxpayers).

Anybody who says "Well only the baddies need to worry" should just donate their brains to science starting tomorrow – because they're not using it right now. That sort of fuckheaded thinking is what resulted in us all being regulated more robustly than livestock.

So enjoy the descent into a Soviet police state… and when anybody asks you who won the Cold War, think of the little smile playing on the lips of the cadaver of Lenin in Red Square… Not only did career homosexual degenerates Churchill and Roosevelt hand Eastern Europe to Stalin, their ideological successors have implemented the entire fabric of the Soviet police state under your very noses.

I always forget zFone…


In "Why We Can’t Lose… and "Bifurcation…, I've mentioned various mechanisms available to those who are hostile to government snooping. (So hey – Conroy and the rest of the tax-eating parasitic shitbags who dislike the internet… best of luck with your plans to 'filter' it , jerkoff).

In those posts (and elsewhere in various fora) I've babbled about JAP, TOR, any any number of other anonymising and pseudonymising mechanisms.. and about TrueCrypt, gnuPG and any number of other crypto setups. And of course the 'home run' is freenet.

But I keep forgetting to mention zFone – which is another important piece of kit (and yet another peice of evidence that every story you read about terrrrrrrrrrists having their phone calls intercepted is bullshit).

zFone is software that (effectively) sticky-tapes itself over the mouthpiece of your VOIP phone, and encrypts whatever babble you put into the mouthpiece. Your recipient will likewise have zFone installed, and will also possess a decrypt key.

Once that's happened, nobody without access to the key can intercept the information you exchange: so you can happily gabble way with zero risk so long as you haven't been stupid enough to give your decrypt key to any of the myriad 'infiltrators' that get their jollies by being a good house nigger for the political class.

You know who I'm talking about – 'intelligence' types… types who think getting a pat on the head from a politician is more than compensation for the stain of being unable to get a private sector job.


Actually – while I'm on that theme: let us hear no more talk about how pointy-end soldiers (or cops) are 'noble' and 'brave' and courageous', and that it's only their political masters who are the vermin.

Anyone who is prepared to kill whatever is in front of them based solely on what they're told to do, is not 'noble' or 'brave' or 'courageous'… they're fucked in the head. If they genuinely believe what they're told, they're idiots, but you can be an idiot without wasting some politician's chosen target.

So be very clear on this: anyone who pulls a trigger – or is in a job that may require a trigger to be pulled – based on the declarations of a parasitic tax-eating politician, is a shitbag. The lowest of the low.

So that young cop who got head-butted into mental oblivion: it would have been a terrible shame that he got hurt, if he hadn't been a cop.

The attack was absolutely cowardly, but so is being part of a machine that uses tax-funded weaponry against an unarmed population and 'enforces' whatever stupid rules that the tax-eaters say have to be enforced. Nobody cries tears for the Gestapo when they get knifed in the ribs from behind in the movies…

So in other words, reap what you sow. Karma is an intransigent motherfucker.


Make sure you are careful about how you do your key exchange.

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