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A Tiny German Student Chick…


Said this, at the height of the most repressive regime in history apart from those in the Arab world backed by the US.

The real damage is done by those millions who want to "survive." The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don't want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won't take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don't like to make waves — or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honor, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small.

Sophie Scholl

When Little Sophie was dragged before the costumed fuckwits who wield the whip of the State, did she grovel and beg? Like fuck. Here's what she said as she was being sentenced to death:

Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare express themselves as we did.


I am, now as before, of the opinion that I did the best that I could do for my nation. I therefore do not regret my conduct and will bear the consequences that result from my conduct.

Betray-Us and Broadwell (nee Kranz)… OK, I’ll Bite.


A lot of people are missing a key point in l'affaire Petraeus: how about the fact that the CIA was unable to determine that its leader was 

(a) having an affair;

(b) had his e-mail account hacked (or attempted-hacked, depending on who you read); and


Ditto for the DIA as concerns General Allen (OK, so Allen was not Director of DIA, but you get the point). Hell, Allens' correspondence with Kelley ran to TWENTY THOUSAND PAGES – he must have been typing full-time (or transferring documents), and NOBODY CAUGHT ON. WTF? Billions of dollars of the alphabet-soup intelligence agencies, and they fail RIGHT ON THEIR OWN DOORSTEP.

As I have said often and widely, the CIA missed (failed to forecast, and to the extent that it fell within their remit, failed to prevent or forestall) every single issue of geopolitical and strategic importance since its foundation:

  • the Russian bomb,
  • the Chinese bomb,
  • the French bomb,
  • the Indian bomb,
  • the Pakistani bomb,
  • the fall of the Berlin Wall,
  • the reunification of Germany,
  • the fall of the Soviet Union,
  • the rise of the Taliban,
  • the USS Cole,
  • the Beirut bombing …

EVERY SINGLE ONE, right up to September 11th (and further – right up to the overthrow of US stooge Pharoah Hosni-hotep Mubarak). Find a single issue of geo-strategic significance that happened in the mid-to-late 20th century, and the CIA missed it.

And now we have some idea that it can't even assess the behaviour or control the e-mail account of its own leadership, and/or cannot figure out whether its leader is being subject to scrutiny by other intelligence-gathering mechanisms (domestic or foreign).

Good News, Everyone!


OK. MentatSpace (aka RantSpace) is now repaired – all the internet kerjiggers are pointed at the right orifices, and your Beloved GT stands ready to bring the madness again.

Some bits of the algorithm are not playing nice just yet, so the full 'works and jerks' Grogans of Wisdom won't begin to be shat out until next week, prob'ly.

However while I've got you here, let's recap.

  • Euro bullshit-artists continue to pretend that the Grecians are not up to their collective vord in debt-cancer;
  • the Mulatto Metrosexual beat the man who believes in magic underpants for the role of Brown-Baby-Killer-in-Chief;
  • everybody is becoming slowly more aware of the degeneracy of the political class (i.e., the non-mainstream media has started to genuinely dig into the international morass of kiddie-fiddlers in which Savile, Dutroux and others move and moved, with constant protection from politicians, police and the judiciary);
  • 5'5", 150lb weakling and lifelong sycophant-to-power Dave "BetrayUs" got honeypotted, and the cover story the political class decided on was written by someone who got fired from "Days of Our Lives".

Nothing else of note, from memory: oh, wait. At one stage my "long EURAUD" call was up a thousand pips; my "Long gold at 1563" was up $200; my "Long EURUSD at 1.21-odd" was up about 900 pips; and we got the Buttered Carrot of Doom up the Vord on the "Short DAX from 6900" (that's still going to be fine, kiddies).


Also, The Lovely has had her first appearance as a Baby Barrister, and is finding her feet in the new milieu. (I've started using words like 'milieu' too – that's how fucking cosmopolitan I am).


Thinking back to the recent contest for US Chief Tax Parasite and Foreign Child-Killer, think of what that contest meant.

The incumbent was part of some whackjob church in Chicago for 20 years. It's a particularly nutty version of the Jeebus-got-nailed myth. He was a weekly attendee for 20 years, and married his (huge Adam's Apple-d) 'wife' there. (What's her name? Michael, I think. Huge delts).

So either he believes in that brand of nutjobbery, or he lies about it.



Barack Obama believes in an Invisible Sky Wizard who

  • loves foreskins, blood and burnt offal;
  • led a bunch of peasants descended from an incestuous Iraqi nomad, on campaign of genocide, theft and murder in Judea in about the 9th century BCE;
  • all but wiped out life on earth because he got a bit bored; and
  • came to life as his own son in order to get killed horrifically as some ludicrous primitive blood sacrifice;


Barack Obama is a big fat liar who only pretends to believe that whacked-out nutball shit simply because he thinks people are so stupid they could not bear a genuinely rational leader.

We know he's a big fat liar anyhow – because he's a professional parasite. He's also almost certainly a sociopath, because it is not possible to rise within a modern party machine without being a sociopath. But he lies about matters of faith, god dammit.

Magic Undies Mitt presents the same dilemma: either he's a big fat lying bullshitter, or he believes in magic undies and the laughable nonsense fairy story made up by Joseph Smith (which if you familiarise yourself with it, is only slightly less ludicrous than the Bible and slightly more ludicrous than Scientology – no, seriously: of the three, Scientology is the least fucktarded). [That said, I am an enemy of Scientology to my last cell]


So anyway – it will be the bullshitting half-Kenyan who will be leading the continued US depraved slaughter of innocents around the world, not the man who wear magic jocks.


The "Savile-and-a bunch of other 'elite' degenerates" kiddie-fucker stuff is going to get much much more airplay soon, dearest Readers.

Your Beloved GT is aware of a project that is in the throes of decrypting the second chunk of a 'liberated' dataset that was freed from the clutches of a small corner of the international paedo-network. If it is like the first section (and it is), it contains names, addresses, e-mail addresses, IP addresses and a whole buncha other stuff.

My suggestion – that the individuals be notified that their names will be suppressed from final release so long as they kill themselves – was rejected, sadly.

Once collated and checked, the decrypted repository will all be spread far and wide so that the political class, their media sycophants, their police goons, and their judicial cronies can't prevent it from seeing the light of day. And some real smart folks are making additional linkages as we speak.


Funniest thing: the data was encrypted using a mechanism which has been proved-decryptable since 2003 (MD5, for those who know about that sort of thing).

Market Has Lit Its Last Rock (of Crack)


OK – so the DAX is up a little over 400 points in three sessions – apparently the Krauts are perfectly happy that their children’s labour is being sold off by a bunch of wog bureaucrats (Draghi and Monti), and they think that it’s all Schmiles und Sunschein from here on out. Alles ist gut – ze Woggo überbanksters are going to fix everytink mit die clever wog-bond-buying.

Now the Krauts are supposedly a pretty hard-headed lot: good engineers and so forth. They’re not known for being the most credulous bunch in the world, although they did fall for that little guy with a funny moustache in the early part of last century… what was his name again? Charlie Chaplin? No… Adolf something. You know the guy – he’s on the History Channel pretty much every day. Not a fan of the Red Sea Pedestrians, if memory serves.

Anyhow… let’s leave lapses like that aside. Everyone gets to make one big mistake per century.

The other thing that the Kraut market reveals in spades is trend-following that makes the Nasdaq traders from 1999 and 2000 seem positively contrarian by comparison. At turning points, you would swear that there’s nobody on the other side of the market in DAX futures/CFDs… the thing melts up (or down, at oversold extremes) 10, 15 points in twenty seconds, and can’t get a pullback for love nor money.


And just when you think that the trend will go on forever… something intervenes.

It’s kind of like how the whole “1000 Year Reich” schtick changed when someone pointed out that the Red Army artillery was on the outskirts of Berlin.

And so it will be when someone points out that France and Germany can’t afford to bail out their sun-drenched lazy Southern cousins (well Germany tout seul, in fact: France is as broke as Greece but nobody has the balls to make that call… yet).

For the moment, anybody who tries to short the DAX gets to feel the “hot buttered carrot” (or as Mav might say, the Gatorade Bottle of Doom up the Vord) for a while.

But let me say this: shorts taken any time after the first hundred points of the DAX’s post-post-Draghi bounce (i.e., any short taken with the market at 6651 or above) will eventually pay off. And once it waterfalls, it will happen in days.

OK… Bank That, Too…


Remember back on July 12th I called for a BUY on EURUSD at 1.2172?  Bet y’all thought I was out of my god-damned mind.

Well, with EURUSD at about 1.2430 now, it’s time to bank that shit.

In the same post, I mentioned buying Gold at $1563; take half of that off too, now that it’s $50 higher.

SHORT DAX @ 6900


Dammit – this post took too long to prepare – DAX is back below 6900 as I type this.

[UPDATE: it popped back above 6900 after I posted the post, so 6900 is a valid entry]


Anyhow: trade logic is as follows: do you think that all of Germany’s listed-stock problems go away even if the professional bullshit-artists like Draghi and Monti manage to force through some or other rescue fund for the incompetent Southern Europeans?



And when (note: I specifically did not write “if”) the problem spreads past Spain and Portugal, and ‘nek minnit‘ everyone’s talking about how France‘s CDS spreads have blown to new wides (and that’s coming, people)… what then?


Europe is done. The DAX should be about 500 points lower than it is, and heading downward. There is nothing that can be done to rescue Spain or Portugal or France’s public finances – when all there is to fund it is that increasingly-unwilling labour of Germans.

Buy EURAUD at 1.1747


As with EURUSD’s ludicrously oversold “Dumb Money At Work” event last week, so too the fifth-decimal-place chasers have decided that AUD can only go up (relative to EUR, at least).


Every dickhead with access to an online Forex account thinks he’s a genius jumping on the same direction as a trend that is the most oversold (basis EURAUD) that it’s been in years.


As with the EURUSD call, look to double your dough.

Buy EURUSD at 1.2172


Every retarded 5th-decimal-place chaser in the world has decided to slam short on EURUSD (of course ,they decide this after the Euro is 25 handles off its high, and 120 pips of its recent swing high… at which point you could not find a pullback for money nor jam).

EURUSD will gut them just as it gutted the same sort of fucktard who was slamming into the offer up above 1.25…


Likewise, Gold. Seriously? Gold’s weak? Oh, well I guess that means that the political shitbags have got a solution for the fuckups that keep emerging: from PFG, MFG, Madoff, RepCo, Enron, LIBOR, WorldCom, Greece, Spain, France… and QEn, n=1,…,∞ : of course! Makes sense. They’ve got it sorted, so there won’t be ‘beggar thy neighbour’ printing, and so there’s less risk of future inflation today, than there was yesterday or the day before.


Seriously? Someone’s going to try to run that shit up the flagpole? Sorry, no sale.

So get on the ‘wrong’ side of the GOld market too – be a buyer at 1563 (basis XAUUSD) and ride that sucker up a couple hundred bucks.

Ballsy? No, Idiot… Sensible.


So every man and his dog is selling Gold today – it can’t get traction for more than about 30 seconds, and there’s like one 17 year old intern on the bid (the bids are fake: you can tell because when one bid moves, the next bid is half a dollar below it. Also, towards the end of the day all the bids will end in ‘8’… some fucking Kinezi who thinks it’s good Feng Shui to have 8s in his shit. The entire cake is a fucking lie, ladies).

Buy Gold (at $1566 now). Buy DAX (at 6275 now). Buy SPI in the overnight (at 4400 now).

Everyone’s on one side of the trade, girls. You want to be on the opposite side.


Note: that doesn’t mean that your Beloved GT thinks that the bullshit-artists of the parasite political class have a solution to the problems they produced: they are not going to make an announcement that they are outlawing themselves and committing mass suicide (chance would be a fine thing).


(Bugger –  hit “Post” before I had properly finished the thought expressed in the prior paragraph…)


Edit/update… as I was saying: the bullshit-artists of the political class – the most parasitic, power-hungry, unscrupulous and self-serving of all our species (to the extent that they’re the same species… I think not) – are not coming up with SuperPLan II.

As I’ve said countless times:  if you believe that those bullshitting parasitic vermin could find their assholes with both hands, then you’ll believe anything. If they had a solution, they would have implemented it before now, at one or other of their prior colelctive masturbation sessions (flying Gold Class of course).

After all,foresight is kind of their fucking job. That’s the supposed justification for taxation and representative government, for fuck’s sake – to protect the dummies at the bottom from predation.

These are supposedly people who are better at seeing the future than the common schlub – which raises the question: why is it  that anytime the shit actually hits the fan (Qld floods etc), the government sticks its hand out for more money? Don’t we pay taxes as a kind of ‘insurance’ – laying off risk to these palace-dwelling cunts?


Anyhow… point is: it’s a trade, not a wedding. The markets will bounce from deeply oversold, before they continue their death-spral (said death spiral reflects the final knell tolling for what remains of western post-enlightenment civilisation… you fuckers trusted the politicians with things, and they fucked it up in order to enrich themselves precisely as economics suggests they always would)

Your handsome, beloved analyst

Swannie, How I Luv Ya, How I Luv Ya…


The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.


Note – if you’re not a Melbournian (or a Strayan at the very least), you may as well bugger off to some other corner of the interwebs.

This post contains stuff that will be lost on anyone whose life doesn’t centre around the Mighty Maggies – if you attempt to glean wisdom from this post without knowing about what we proper Aussies call ‘footy’, you may as well be trying to decipher the Enuma Elish or the Upanishads, using a Russian-> French dictionary.


OK, folks – we’ve got rid of the Yanks, Poms, Frogs, Krauts, Nips, Bubbles, Kinezi… pretty much anybody who has not heard the crowd roar ‘BALL!’ at the G.

So let’s get our Maggie-love on…

Here’s the thing. I am an admirer of excellence in pretty much anything. Roger Craig: excellent running back. Joe Montana: excellent quarterback. Lawrence Taylor (or Mike Singletary): excellent linebackers (and linebackers are the toughtest motherfuckers in NFL, bar none). Kyle Bass and Marc Faber: excellent analysts.

But Dane Swan? Get the fuck out.

If there is such a thing as the perfect footy player, Swannie is it.

Swannie’s not ‘silky’ (as Steele Sidebottom tries to be, and fails: kick the fucking thing rather than trying to look stylish as you do it, you stupid cock).

Swannie’s not pretty – his Mum might tell him he is, but be honest Mrs Swan… be happy that he seems to be a nice kid, so you did a pretty good job.

If you lined up 20 AFL players, Swannie would look like the journeyman: he looks a little bit dumpy, he’s not very tall, and he’s not ‘chiselled’. He’s not physically imposing: he looks like a veteran forward pocket who might have played 100 games, but who’s not a ‘first 20’ guy.

And yet he has amazing footspeed, great endurance, and a preternatural ability to read the play and get the pill. And his disposals are unpretentious and effective.

All done without the histrionics that have become the rage – a lot of mid-sized AFL players carry on like Lleyton fucking Hewitt whenever they do their job (kicking the ball through the sticks is your fucking job, yo).

And of course Swannie has finally become non-unsung: last year the prissy little 7-stone faggots who become umpires (fuck I hate them) finally had to acknowledge that Swan is the ultimate ball-getting ‘gut-runner’ who burns off the opposition’s best tagger, week after week.

If the faggotty ‘distance runner’ types who become umpires had ever actually fucking played footy, Swan would have won the last three Brownlows. (Chris Judd is an excellent footy player, but Swan’s stats – in a better team – were better than Judd’s).


OK, thus far, it’s pretty much wisdom-free: an encomium to the Magpie’s prime playmaker (Pendlebury is good, but he’s not Swan).

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