DAX short entry is panning out, irrespective of whether it was entered based on "Freebie" from Dec 30th (DAX at about 5970) or from this twitter twatt ("DAX might open with a pop… if can get short above 6000 that would be one of the best things evah." – Dec 30th at 8:40 P.M. [DAX was closed… opened and popped above 6000 on Jan 4th]).

As of Friday that short was up over 100 points irrespective of which entry was used: that's €2500 per €17.3k margin … of course no exit target was given to free-users (only USSpyers got the targets: they were out at the 100-point target).

This trade will probably last half the year and quintuple the margin required to enter it. If you didn't action it at the time, it makes no sense to enter it now. There will be a bounce at some stage, so wait for a re-entry.