As youse may or may not be aware, your Beloved WIkileaks just released a bunch of sit-reps originating from the US death-machine as it rapes Afghanistan.

And now we find it very hard to see Wikileaks' main site. (Go here for the mirror list but expect each of those sites in turn to develop 'issues').

The material is already pretty safely distributed – on freenet of course, but also in a bunch of other locations: if nothing else, your Beloved Wikileaks makes sure that material has a permanent untraceable home before the primary release to the public through the site.

A bunch of other stuff is coming that is yet more revealing about the crapulence of those who would continue to enslave us (and their mindless thug-drones), but I really do recommend that those of youse who understand how to use a Google Earth KML file, take the time to view this one.

I'm uploading the entire archive onto the RantSpace so that like-minded chums can download it from there… if you download it, make an encrypted copy and store that on a removable device.

The links are as follows (these files are unencrypted: 7Zip is a freeware archive manager):

Entire archive (7Zipped HTML)

Google Earth (7zipped KML)