OK. MentatSpace (aka RantSpace) is now repaired – all the internet kerjiggers are pointed at the right orifices, and your Beloved GT stands ready to bring the madness again.

Some bits of the algorithm are not playing nice just yet, so the full 'works and jerks' Grogans of Wisdom won't begin to be shat out until next week, prob'ly.

However while I've got you here, let's recap.

  • Euro bullshit-artists continue to pretend that the Grecians are not up to their collective vord in debt-cancer;
  • the Mulatto Metrosexual beat the man who believes in magic underpants for the role of Brown-Baby-Killer-in-Chief;
  • everybody is becoming slowly more aware of the degeneracy of the political class (i.e., the non-mainstream media has started to genuinely dig into the international morass of kiddie-fiddlers in which Savile, Dutroux and others move and moved, with constant protection from politicians, police and the judiciary);
  • 5'5", 150lb weakling and lifelong sycophant-to-power Dave "BetrayUs" got honeypotted, and the cover story the political class decided on was written by someone who got fired from "Days of Our Lives".

Nothing else of note, from memory: oh, wait. At one stage my "long EURAUD" call was up a thousand pips; my "Long gold at 1563" was up $200; my "Long EURUSD at 1.21-odd" was up about 900 pips; and we got the Buttered Carrot of Doom up the Vord on the "Short DAX from 6900" (that's still going to be fine, kiddies).


Also, The Lovely has had her first appearance as a Baby Barrister, and is finding her feet in the new milieu. (I've started using words like 'milieu' too – that's how fucking cosmopolitan I am).


Thinking back to the recent contest for US Chief Tax Parasite and Foreign Child-Killer, think of what that contest meant.

The incumbent was part of some whackjob church in Chicago for 20 years. It's a particularly nutty version of the Jeebus-got-nailed myth. He was a weekly attendee for 20 years, and married his (huge Adam's Apple-d) 'wife' there. (What's her name? Michael, I think. Huge delts).

So either he believes in that brand of nutjobbery, or he lies about it.



Barack Obama believes in an Invisible Sky Wizard who

  • loves foreskins, blood and burnt offal;
  • led a bunch of peasants descended from an incestuous Iraqi nomad, on campaign of genocide, theft and murder in Judea in about the 9th century BCE;
  • all but wiped out life on earth because he got a bit bored; and
  • came to life as his own son in order to get killed horrifically as some ludicrous primitive blood sacrifice;


Barack Obama is a big fat liar who only pretends to believe that whacked-out nutball shit simply because he thinks people are so stupid they could not bear a genuinely rational leader.

We know he's a big fat liar anyhow – because he's a professional parasite. He's also almost certainly a sociopath, because it is not possible to rise within a modern party machine without being a sociopath. But he lies about matters of faith, god dammit.

Magic Undies Mitt presents the same dilemma: either he's a big fat lying bullshitter, or he believes in magic undies and the laughable nonsense fairy story made up by Joseph Smith (which if you familiarise yourself with it, is only slightly less ludicrous than the Bible and slightly more ludicrous than Scientology – no, seriously: of the three, Scientology is the least fucktarded). [That said, I am an enemy of Scientology to my last cell]


So anyway – it will be the bullshitting half-Kenyan who will be leading the continued US depraved slaughter of innocents around the world, not the man who wear magic jocks.


The "Savile-and-a bunch of other 'elite' degenerates" kiddie-fucker stuff is going to get much much more airplay soon, dearest Readers.

Your Beloved GT is aware of a project that is in the throes of decrypting the second chunk of a 'liberated' dataset that was freed from the clutches of a small corner of the international paedo-network. If it is like the first section (and it is), it contains names, addresses, e-mail addresses, IP addresses and a whole buncha other stuff.

My suggestion – that the individuals be notified that their names will be suppressed from final release so long as they kill themselves – was rejected, sadly.

Once collated and checked, the decrypted repository will all be spread far and wide so that the political class, their media sycophants, their police goons, and their judicial cronies can't prevent it from seeing the light of day. And some real smart folks are making additional linkages as we speak.


Funniest thing: the data was encrypted using a mechanism which has been proved-decryptable since 2003 (MD5, for those who know about that sort of thing).