My take on the silly "Open Letter to Kevin Rudd", which is trying to get help for Julian Assange – from the short-ass parasitic maniac who grinned like a psychopathic accountant when he learned that an Indonesian accused had been killed without trial:

When will people larn that relying on political parasites to defend individual rights, is nonsense? Might as well PRAY for all the good it will do.


Here’s something that would guarantee Assange’s safety: make it clear to anyone who participates in some stupid theatrical ‘legal’ set-piece that deprives Assange of his liberty, that they will never, for the rest of their lives, be able to “tell pale-hearted fear it lies, and sleep in spite of thunder”.


That goes for the robed geriatrics in their 16th century costumes, the badged and constumed jailers etc (who Thoreau rightly placed on a par with straw or lumps of dirt); everyone who participates.


Reliance on politicians – when the state is clearly showing itself neither capable nor willing to do anything except tend to its own malignant metastasis – is flat-out dopey.


Mencken wrote famously that there comes a time when a reasonable man has to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats; Diderot made it clear that man will be free when the last king (politician) is strangled ith the entrails of the last priest (or judge). We are there, folks: they have thrown taxes – collected by force -onto a bonfire in order to make their financiers a minute amount more rich. They are NOT here to help.

Bet that doesn't get past the 'moderation' phase… which is good, because we are past the point where being 'moderate' helps.