I have long been annoyed with the word 'anarchist' – in part because it evokes the idea of being against 'arché' – order – when in fact it seeks to get rid of 'kratos/kraté' – State, power, War.

Arché will emerge spontaneously – it is not a bad thing in and of itself. Differentials in talent and application will lead to different outcomes and differentials in social order.


Anyway – the other day I was writing a comment about how the iCult sees itself as iconoclastic when in fact it is far more like the iconodules in its hagiography of all things Apple.


That got me to thinking (always a bad move). I'm a big fan of Norwich's History of Byzantium… and for a good chunk of Byzantine history, there was a set of dichotomies (blues vs greens, iconoclasts vs iconodules) that were encouraged by rival factions – and they began as groups of supporters of different teams of chariot racers.

Now 'iconoclast' and 'iconodule' are, respectively, breakers and worshippers of idols (eikonos). Klastes means 'breaker'; doulos means worshipper.

Now… what we want, is to rid ourselves of compulsion to support kratos and kraté; to the extent required, we will seek actively to break that power. Hence, kratoclast.

Opposed to us are people who actively support the involuntary nature of the relationship of human beings to the State. They are kratodules.

The State is evil – it is the proximate cause of all wide-scale death and destruction. Hence a kratoclast is also – almost always – a poneroclast (poneros – evil).

Kratodules may consider themselves poneroclasts, but given the evil that States perpetrate, they are always – perhaps unwitting – ponerodules.

So if you see the words poneroclast, kratoclast, and derivatives… I invented them. YAY!


Lastly: grand kudos to Anonymous, LulzSec and Operation: Empire State Rebellion… the IMF got hacked. They wre warned that it was coming, but they were unable to prevent it.

A genuine kratoclastic, poneroclastic action.