For those of you who are stupid enough to believe your overlords when they tell you that there are no concerns which arise from the new pornoscanners used by the degenerate, sociopath-staffed molestation agency (known as the TSA)… shut your pie-holes.


Exhibit 1: a scan of a nicely formed young lovely (remember how your overlords promised you that the scanners can't store and transmit images? Oopsie!) passed through a simple colour filter.

Given the types of scumbag who work for the TSA (see, for example, the Pro Libertate blog entry on the criminal rapist scum who got jobs at the TSA), there is NO WAY I would permit these creepy shitbags to get a scan of my junk, or of my Lovely's junk, neither.

Short airlines – although they're already screwed (and I've always said they're value-destroyers), this will cause several airline stocks to go to zero.