OK, so here's the thing.

For some time now, your Beloved GT has had to – ahem – prioritise things other than the prefatory waffling that you always knew and loved.

As a result, there has been a certain 'dried up dogshit' flavour to the Rants for some time – the absence of twice-daily steaming mind-grogans has been a definite negative. The Rant-engine has been on auto-pilot and as a result it has been producing a rather mawkish stool… all numbers and tables and whatever-the-fuck.

That changes now, bitchez.

I've been going progressively crazier during my absence: from now on I am going to just fucking unleash the madness. 

When I say 'madness', I don't mean the sort of cartoon bullshit madness that is the life-essence of fucktards like Hannity and Palin and Huckabee and Netanyahoo and the rest of the primitive insane tribal motherfuckers.

The shit here – profanity laced and all – will be so fucking sharp you better not let it get near your pants or it will cut your dick clean off. Right the fuck off, and you won't feel it go – first you will even know is when you start to feel faint and notice a wet warmth in your groin.


The profanity is part of the thing; I and others are making it our personal fucking mission to move the language-ball.

We figure that the way to destroy the hate-capacity of various pejoratives, is to use the fuck out of them until they become meaningless. (And we're right, so if you think of objecting shut your fucking pie-hole).

So 'nigger', 'kike', 'gook'… 'faggot'… and especially 'retard' – all will fall by the wayside from over-use (the way 'anti-Semite' has been debased – these days all it does is help identify tribal lunatics… those who say it).

Retard redneck fuckwits will have to find out some other way to fling shit out of their cages.

So words will no longer mean what they mean:

  • 'shit' does not mean poo or grogan or bowel movement or stool; it just means 'this thing that I am talking about now'.
  • 'fuck' does not mean 'copulate' or 'have sex with' or anything like that. It just means 'the shit I just said? I totally fucking meant it';
  • 'bitch' does not mean a female dog or a woman of any sort – it has no gender. It's just someone who needs to shut the fuck up.
  • 'faggot' does not mean a homosexual or an ass-bandit or a poo-pusher; it just means someone who is bullshitting and risks being fucked up.

and so on… you know what I mean, bitch.


So anyway… this will help get rid of the chaff – the weak-ass bitches and faggots who care more about the politeness of a conversation than they do about whether or not they are implicitly supporting a fucking atrocity.

Anyone who objects to the word 'fuck' as obscene, but is not actively agitating to stop the political class from killing innocents, can go fuck themselves.

Once those faggots are gone, we can talk about useful shit – technology, human advancement, some super-interesting political shit.

And markets, obviously – you will see directional calls that will blow your fucking mind.


Of course, it's mostly going to be shit that conforms to my prejudices, but often I will use the opposing (stupid) viewpoint to introduce the topic.

With that by way of introduction, here's a forewarning of what I plan to write about tomorrow (or maybe in today's OzRant):

Our prevailing hypothesis here in mentatSpace is that the broad outlines of technological process on any other putative world, would be the same as they were here on Earth.

That has implications. We humans are about one generation away from becoming 'posthuman'; strong AI and so on will mean we would no longer require our fleshbags: they are inefficient, badly designed, and vulnerable to any conditions outside of a very narrow range (we die if it's too hot or cold, too wet or dry, too much radiation… and so on).

The important thing is the mind; that's where your personality is. The meatbag is a vehicle that enables the mind to feed itself from its surroundings; the mind will be able to to stored in microscopic AIs in due course, and will be able to be housed in much smaller, more robust and energy-efficient housings.

We will achieve post-fleshbag civilisation way before we achieve reliable manned insterstellar (or even interplanetary) spaceflight. When we are able 'to boldly go where no man has gone before' we will do it in nanoscopic vehicles that are mind-blowingly efficient… we won't have to worry aboutsituations in which Sulu (or Worf, or Rodney, or Rush) says 'shields are down to 35% – atmosphere is venting on decks 9 through 12' or any other such TV nonsense.

Now… if that's the case for us, it has some corollaries.

It is not sensible to think that ETs would have retained their fleshbags when there is a logical case for replacing them as soon as technically feasible. 


Aliens would become 'post-alien' before they developed reliable repeatable interplanetary flight, and so if they were ever to visit it would be in nano-scopic AI-capable vehicles.

The result of this is that anybody who talks about visitations by alien life forms who go around in fleshbags, is probably bullshitting or doesn't understand the interaction.


And here's where it gets insane… post-alienism also probably means that they could interface directly with the mind of any entity they chose to.

Voices in your head, bitch. (note – most voices in your head are still just lunacy… but some aren't)

If you are interested, get hold of a copy of "Transcendent Man", which is mostly about Ray Kurzweil (but contains loads of alternative viewpoints too); at the end he describes a process whereby post-human society sends nanobots with AI out into space, 'waking up the universe'. The universe has already had a few billion years head start… odds are that once we become aware enough, we will discover we are already awash in post-alien nanotech.


Seriously, that is a topic that would roast your brain if you had ever used DMT.