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Find ONE SECOND of “Narcissism”… (STICKY)


[Update: for those unfamiliar with the term "sticky" – it has nothing to do with the state of your underpants or mine. It means that the post in question will stick to the top of the page, and each day's globs of rant-y self-promoting ooze will appear below it.]

The Yank media – full of fellators-of-power – have tried repeatedly to paint Townsville-Boy-Made-Good Julian Assange as tetchy, irascible and narcissistic; I insist that anyone who thinks that, views the 22-minute mini-doco embedded below…

What did you see? You saw a gentle, polite, modest man with a quiet determination to add value to humanity.

Nobody who actually knows Julian Assange, has a single bad word to say about him. If you hear otherwise, they're selling something.

Australians should be ashamed today for two despicable acts perpetrated in our collective name by the political class who sponge off our taxes. 


The first is the vile, racist 'border security' bullshit: while we permit capital to flow across borders like water or air, we refuse to permit free ingress of people who wish to make a new life in this country. That policy – denying people the chance at a better life – is directly responsible for the deaths at sea today of a bunch of folks seeking to make a new life. It is reprehensible, shameful, racist and deplorable: every country should be glad to have risk-taking, aspirational folks coming through the doors.

The second is the failure of the political class to protect the most important Australian since Simpson and his donkey. I am reminded of the famous threat issued by Teddy Roosevelt – "Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead" – when a US citizen of vastly lower importance than Assange was kidnapped in 1904.

If our "Kath&Kim" Prime Minister was fit for the role, she would have threatened to declare fucking WAR on England if they did not return our lad back to this wide brown land.

I am anti-war, as youse all know: but in this man, Australia has an equal to Paine, Proudhon, Diderot or Voltaire. 

Plus, we could take England in half an hour: we would just need to wait until "X Factor" or "Dancing with the Stars" was on.

PornoScanners + PhotoShop -> Profit!!!


For those of you who are stupid enough to believe your overlords when they tell you that there are no concerns which arise from the new pornoscanners used by the degenerate, sociopath-staffed molestation agency (known as the TSA)… shut your pie-holes.


Exhibit 1: a scan of a nicely formed young lovely (remember how your overlords promised you that the scanners can't store and transmit images? Oopsie!) passed through a simple colour filter.

Given the types of scumbag who work for the TSA (see, for example, the Pro Libertate blog entry on the criminal rapist scum who got jobs at the TSA), there is NO WAY I would permit these creepy shitbags to get a scan of my junk, or of my Lovely's junk, neither.

Short airlines – although they're already screwed (and I've always said they're value-destroyers), this will cause several airline stocks to go to zero.

Exhumin’ Thangs That’s Better Left Alone…


Well, it's Monday (again – why does this 'Monday' thing keep happening to me?) and the smear campaign against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is in its death throes. df854db6f6664ad98b313cf1a2732a6d – as they say in the classics.

Desperate efforts are being undertaken in the more cravenly cowardly, whip-kissing, bootlicking bits of the blogosphere – e.g., Adrian Chen at Gawker and soi-disant skeptic and swallower-of-smear-spooge David Allan Green. I will not link to them, because their oeuvre disgusts me.

The Twitterverse is likewise alive with the story; I would say that there is some fencing involved, but that would confuse the issue: folks smart enough to recognise the smear would be thinking of epées and foils, thrust and parry… while those on the other side would be thinking of wire and fenceposts.

Those of youse who know your Beloved GT's obsession with 'puters, will know that I buyed my first 'puter back in 1989 – it was a $9k NEC PowerMate II with a whopping 140Mb of HDD and (gasp!) SVGA (800×600). With a RAM upgrade to 1Mb, it was one of the most powerful 'puters in private hands at the time, and it did sterling work. I still have the manuals, with scribbled logins and passwords in it (although you need to know the algorithm to go from what's written down to the actual login) in a box.

I do admit that I bought it mostly to try to impress my chums. It made PI look like a toaster. It was still good enough to use to write up lecture notes in 1992 (after which I upgraded it; by 1993 I had a university-funded machine and office).

It should come as no surprise that I have been strident in my defence of Julian Assange – another former Townsville-dweller (he lived on Maggie Island while our family lived just off the Esplanade), and now the most celebrated denizen of Melbourne's 1980s hacker community. The rest of The Realm – the other sadsacks who played D&D during spotty teenhoods and then made a pact – are happily plugging away at other related things. Some of them matured into sexy dashing 100kg analysts, others still look like Doc Neeson from the Angels. Speaking of front-men, the 'narcissist' meme now being touted about Julian Assange could not be further from the truth. "Reluctant public face of Wikileaks" should always be appended after his name.

Anyway… your Beloved GT and JA have what one might term 'points of confluence' – not least amongst which is that we are both unfailingly nice to women, and would not put our wee-wees in their froo-froos without explicit consent.

Also, both being necessarily paranoid by nature, we would not put out pee-pees in ANY froo-froo that happened to present itself in a foreign forum (tight sweater or not).

That's why the smear is so utterly objectionable – it implicitly asserts that Mendax is a naive numptie, and if there are two things that Julian Assange is not, it's naive and a numptie.

Now you all know that I am one of the six smartest people you will ever meet. I say that all the time, and it doesn't matter if you believe me or not (or how many smart people you think you know).

So with all that self-aggrandising stuff as background, now take this and print it out and sticky-tape it to the fridge…

Julian Assange is smarter than me. And he's not just a bit smarter than me – he's a lot smarter than me.

Don't confuse that statement with an outburst of humility – far from it. it's a statement of fact. I would love to claim that I was smarter than JA – or even that I was as smart – but it would be buillshit.

I can't even use age as an excuse (as I do with Horridge and Dicko – both of whom are more than half a decade older than I am, and roughly half a decade smarter). JA is half a decade younger than I am, and about two decades smarter – and two decades of committed study and contemplative reflection, not two decades of pissing around for shits and giggles like you do at University.

So think of me in order to provide the required context for the current imbroglio "What did JA do with his wee-wee, which froo-froo or froo-froos were involved, and why did a Zionist tabloid in Sweden get told about it eighteen minutes after the complainants left the police station?".

If you think your Beloved GT is too smart to fall for a honeypot operation (and in fact is highly unlikely to have any wee-wee related contact with a stranger under any circumstances), then you're implicitly asserting that JA is likewise too smart – which is why it didn't work.

Rehabilitate the Swastika


A very sensible post over at the Church of Nobody, in which Nobody points out the historical injustice suffered by the symbol that we are all encouraged to hate: the swastika.

Imagine if Islamic countries banned the crucifix based on the violence they suffered during the Crusades: in a very real sense that would be fairer than the treatment accorded the 7000 year old symbol of peace  – because the Crusaders were explicitly furthering the cause of the people who adopted the crucifix-as-religious-symbol (yes yes, I know – the ankh is cruciform: don't try to out-symbolism-ise a freemason).

(Note – the image used as the thumbnail for this post is the division badge for the US Army's 45th Infantry Division – it is based on an American Indian symbol and has nothing to do wit hnasty old Adolf).

Julian Assange at TED


Another Aussie helping take down the bad guys. Listen closely to precisely how diligent they are at moving material through different jurisdictions in order to accumulate legal whistleblower protections. Sensational.

Covers the Bradley Manning/Adrian Lamo leak; the "Collateral Murder" video and other stuff.

OzRant for Monday, May 24th 2010


All Ords rockets 2.01% on below-average volume and breadth favours the gainers by 4.8:1: one sector declines. The NZSE50 closed with a gain of 0.4% for the day. In Japan, the Nikkei225 is currently trading down 0.3% for the session; Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is showing a 0.6% gain.The KOSPI has added 0.3% for the session thus far.

The truth that there is no law, no Platonic Form out there to which we give paltry representation. There is only power: power in conflict with power, power seeking to drive out power, to establish its dominance, maintain its privilege. Power…acquiesces to law – sometimes – but it never, never bows to it. Power goes along with the law when it is convenient to do so, when it is not too restrictive, when it demands little more than the occasional sacrifice – for the powerful are certainly not above throwing one of their own to the mob when circumstances require. But when it comes to the crisis, power shreds the law like a filthy rag and has its own way. And then you see that the law is nothing but a rag, to be torn and patched and fitted to power's aims. The worst atrocities I have seen or heard of in this war have been committed wholly and completely under the law. This thing I held in such reverence was, is, nothing but a scrap soaked with blood and shit.

Chris Floyd (from Bright Terrible Spirit)

That motherfucker can write. That paragraph up there captures – perfectly – why a just man is not remotely obliged to obey any 'law' except that of his own conscience. Let politicians and their gowned appointee tax-sucking hacks prattle away about 'law' – the codification of their collective opinion at some arbitrary point in time – and then… IGNORE THEM. Do What Thou Wilt.

The time has past for us to be scared into obeying stupid infringements on our rights simply because some bunch of career parasites think that they can impose their will on us peons and claim mob rule as their basis. It is time to repudiate the idea that a mob can decree what we may not do. As Thoreau wrote:

Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison

Thoreau was talking about slavery, but the same thing can be applied to any stupid arbitrary law: prohibition of any type. You will recall that there used to be 'law' that said that blacks and whites could not marry. There used to be 'law' that said that homosexuals could be imprisoned. There used to be 'law' that said that you could be killed for thinking that the Genocidal Sky Wizard story was stupid and ignorant superstition.

And when there was 'law' that said that, there were any number of people who thought that the 'law' had to be obeyed. BULLSHIT. Bad law must not simply be opposed, it must be broken by as many people as possible – people must ACT against bad law, even if it fill the jails to bursting.

Another dude who can lay it down is Arthur Silber. I particularly like “In Which I am Extremely Rude. Motherfuckers“, which I hope you will take the time to read after you read Thoreau's “Civil Disobedience“… that last one is only 3 pages, for fuck's sake.


 In other news, there is soon to be material on WikiLeaks that will rip scabs off political bedsores and expose the weeping crapulence of those who suck on the taxpayer for their sustenance. Sousveillance rocks – as that fat mustaschioed career-parasite who got filmed coming out of a gay club last week. Har de har har… more of that.




I always forget zFone…


In "Why We Can’t Lose… and "Bifurcation…, I've mentioned various mechanisms available to those who are hostile to government snooping. (So hey – Conroy and the rest of the tax-eating parasitic shitbags who dislike the internet… best of luck with your plans to 'filter' it , jerkoff).

In those posts (and elsewhere in various fora) I've babbled about JAP, TOR, any any number of other anonymising and pseudonymising mechanisms.. and about TrueCrypt, gnuPG and any number of other crypto setups. And of course the 'home run' is freenet.

But I keep forgetting to mention zFone – which is another important piece of kit (and yet another peice of evidence that every story you read about terrrrrrrrrrists having their phone calls intercepted is bullshit).

zFone is software that (effectively) sticky-tapes itself over the mouthpiece of your VOIP phone, and encrypts whatever babble you put into the mouthpiece. Your recipient will likewise have zFone installed, and will also possess a decrypt key.

Once that's happened, nobody without access to the key can intercept the information you exchange: so you can happily gabble way with zero risk so long as you haven't been stupid enough to give your decrypt key to any of the myriad 'infiltrators' that get their jollies by being a good house nigger for the political class.

You know who I'm talking about – 'intelligence' types… types who think getting a pat on the head from a politician is more than compensation for the stain of being unable to get a private sector job.


Actually – while I'm on that theme: let us hear no more talk about how pointy-end soldiers (or cops) are 'noble' and 'brave' and courageous', and that it's only their political masters who are the vermin.

Anyone who is prepared to kill whatever is in front of them based solely on what they're told to do, is not 'noble' or 'brave' or 'courageous'… they're fucked in the head. If they genuinely believe what they're told, they're idiots, but you can be an idiot without wasting some politician's chosen target.

So be very clear on this: anyone who pulls a trigger – or is in a job that may require a trigger to be pulled – based on the declarations of a parasitic tax-eating politician, is a shitbag. The lowest of the low.

So that young cop who got head-butted into mental oblivion: it would have been a terrible shame that he got hurt, if he hadn't been a cop.

The attack was absolutely cowardly, but so is being part of a machine that uses tax-funded weaponry against an unarmed population and 'enforces' whatever stupid rules that the tax-eaters say have to be enforced. Nobody cries tears for the Gestapo when they get knifed in the ribs from behind in the movies…

So in other words, reap what you sow. Karma is an intransigent motherfucker.


Make sure you are careful about how you do your key exchange.

Why We Can’t Lose…


All y'all know that I am almost rabidly antagonistic towards tax-funded goonery in all its forms – those who are the state's paid thugs deserve no respect, and will get none from me whatsoever.

And I'm not 'on me pat'; each time the drone-squads think they've got some shiny new toy with which to annoy us, you can be certain that somewhere, some smart stuff is being done by someone smarter than any goon-friend.

Take the little amateur USB hacking package (prepared by Microsoft) that the goon squads use to 'infiltrate' a captured PC.

It's called 'COFEE', and it's basically a bunch of (relatively rudimentary) sniffing and searching tools… so if some doughnut-muncher gets hold of your PC they insert a USB key with 'COFEE' on it, and proceed to violate your property.

Well, less than two weeks after got given the COFEE suite (by a leak – ha ha), some smart dudes have promulgated a countermeasure (DECAF). As usual, it's free.

If you really want, it will kill your machine deader than a one-week overstayer at an RSPCA Death Camp. But if you like, you can set it just to taunt.

Along with strong crypto, things like DECAF are the primary evidence that every story you see that claims there has been a 'child porn ring bust'… is bullshit. The only way any 'cell' of anything can ever be nabbed is by infiltration (and the goon squads have an advantage at infiltration, because they start most of them).

Put simply: if you are remotely interested in having data that you would get in trouble for, you would encrypt it in such a way that it would be literally impossible to decrypt by brute force.

As I've mentioned before,  decrypting a properly-selected 256-bit key will take more energy than exists in the entire planet's electrical grids, even if each decrypting 'machine' is only 1 silicon atom in size and you use every silicon atom in existence. Even if you had 1050 machines and they could each do 1 million iterations a second, it would take you (roughly) 25 trillion years to crack the AES algorithm.

And that is just to get the crack for a single algorithm: nobody uses one algorithm – they will use at least three.

Between Cryptome, WikiLeaks, gnuPGP mail clients, FreeNet and alt.anon.*, the Forces of Darkness (the state goons) have no chance.

Their every dirty secret is available for sale (and often, for free), whereas folks who don't like nosiness can exchange information with virtually no risk of ever having their data fall into the hands of the drones.

And by the way – for those of you who think that I'm being a bit harsh in my stance on 'defence' personnel (those at the pointy end) are sociopaths… the existence of 'trophy photos' like this one are evidence enough (and are a violation of the laws of war). Sick.

The Silence of the Watermelons…


If you have been waiting for the TV news to mention the hacking of the Church of ManBearPig (specifically, its enclave at the CRU at the University of East Anglia) then you will still be absolutely in the dark.

Sure, Andrew Bolt was permitted to write something in his column, and online versions of some newspapers have run the story… but this ought to be front page stuff; it ought to be the lead story on Today Tonight, the 7:30 Report and A Current Grimshaw. It won't though – TV stations rely far too much on government advertising, because nobody else has got any money for ad budget.

This will be handled in the same way as mainswamp telly handled the 'Dodgy Dossier' that should land Howard and Blair in the Hague: it will ignore it for two news cycles, then declare that it's old news and that we should all move on.

The leak is no less than explicit confirmation that the whole AGW salade is a conspiracy by the political class and bought-and-paid-for correct-line academics. There is no 'wiggle room' on this – the content of the e-mails reflects the sort of shameless self-interest that most of us would only ascribe to brokeage analysts and the political class: open discussions of the extent to which data is manipulated is just the tip of the iceberg..

The aim: to enable the political class to stick their hands ever deeper into the pockets of the actual producers of value in society – i.e., the private sector – to ward off yet another fabricated external threat.

If s/he actually ever believed in the AGW hypothesis, Senator 'Watermelon' Wong ought to resign or be sacked for being monumentally gullible.

If – as I surmise – she was simply using the lie in typical cynical political fashion, then she is just doing her duty to her port of first loyalty… namely the ALP.

It is the duty of anyone who has some free webspace, to download and store two copies of the data files: one encrypted, and one in plain form.

A non-exhaustive list of primary repositories is at the WikiLeaks site.

 It is only 61Mb; download it into your GMail webspace or set up some other repository for it. Be patient – server loads at all repositories are high at present. I have my two copies and will post the download locations once I up-rate my FTP server.

For the record: a watermelon is a thing that has a green skin on the outside, but is red through and through.

A secondary duty (for those who believe that politicians are anything other than parasitic whores who should be culled until they back off):  send a message to your MP, demading that they make some statement about the leak, and promising to use whatever statement they make as canvassing material at the next 'election'.

List of Senators

List of MPs


We Free and Unashamed have a real opportunity to stab the heart out of the Church of AlGore, and to abort further attempts to tax us all in the name of avoiding a non-existent threat.

I Love It When A Tax-Eater Gets Sprung…


I've let this slide for a day or so – I've been quietly savouring the moment.

The Goblin Runt King – Nicolas Sarko the Teensy – got sprung bullshitting about his involvement in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

And all the whore-media reframed it as "did Sarko lie?"

Of couse he did – that what he and his ilk do.

He lied, he got caught, and now his media handlers are trying to generate a Google tracery of 'doubt'. That it is just absolutely funny.


The IRONY. It's delicious: a short-arsed Eastern-European reffo peasant would try to co-opt the fall of the Berlin wall, when every fibre of his being – like Ariel Sharon – wants to BE Stalin.

This grotesque little goblin really has dropped to about as low as one could possibly go: as if wedding Madame 'Do Me If You've Got The Coin' was not enough. The only thing he could do to stoop lower (given that he is about the size of kylie Minogue, unless he wears heels) is to change his name to Blair.



It was Randy Newman who write the definitive lyric:

They got

little hands

little eyes

they run around tellin' great big lies

don't want no short Froggoes 'round me.

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