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The Yank media – full of fellators-of-power – have tried repeatedly to paint Townsville-Boy-Made-Good Julian Assange as tetchy, irascible and narcissistic; I insist that anyone who thinks that, views the 22-minute mini-doco embedded below…

What did you see? You saw a gentle, polite, modest man with a quiet determination to add value to humanity.

Nobody who actually knows Julian Assange, has a single bad word to say about him. If you hear otherwise, they're selling something.

Australians should be ashamed today for two despicable acts perpetrated in our collective name by the political class who sponge off our taxes. 


The first is the vile, racist 'border security' bullshit: while we permit capital to flow across borders like water or air, we refuse to permit free ingress of people who wish to make a new life in this country. That policy – denying people the chance at a better life – is directly responsible for the deaths at sea today of a bunch of folks seeking to make a new life. It is reprehensible, shameful, racist and deplorable: every country should be glad to have risk-taking, aspirational folks coming through the doors.

The second is the failure of the political class to protect the most important Australian since Simpson and his donkey. I am reminded of the famous threat issued by Teddy Roosevelt – "Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead" – when a US citizen of vastly lower importance than Assange was kidnapped in 1904.

If our "Kath&Kim" Prime Minister was fit for the role, she would have threatened to declare fucking WAR on England if they did not return our lad back to this wide brown land.

I am anti-war, as youse all know: but in this man, Australia has an equal to Paine, Proudhon, Diderot or Voltaire. 

Plus, we could take England in half an hour: we would just need to wait until "X Factor" or "Dancing with the Stars" was on.