I'm not a big fan of jack Black (although Tenacious D can be funny at times), but the clip below from Year One captured perfectly the absolute preposterous fucking lunacy behind Red Sea Pedestrianism.

Now before we get to the clip itself, let's try to put this into some context.

Take a look at this picture – of a patch of sky the size of a fingernail. There are tens of thousands of galaxies in that little area.

Tiny Patch of Sky

Each galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars: that fingernail-sized piece of sky contains (roughly) a quintillion stars. And it's less than 1/1000th of the total sky.

Now… the world's 3 major religions would have you believe that from all that, a lone Mesopotamian goatherd (who was incestuously married to his half-sister) was decreed to be God's Chosen… in exchange for cutting bits of the penises of every male child, in perpetuity.

Get that through your skull: from (at least) several sextillion stars, "Hashem" decided that mastery would be granted to some nomadic Iron Age sister-fucker… so long as he committed to sexually mutilating his offspring.

That, dearest Reader, is among the most fucked-up things upon which you could ever base a 'religion'.

So yuk it up at the clip, by all means – but internalise what it means at root: anytime someone says you have to show 'respect' for religion, you are being told that you have to support child genital mutilation. (And I have deliberately not touched on the path of genocide, theft, double-crossing and bad faith that took place during Exodus… that is for later, as is some of the really vile stuff from the Midrash and/or the Babylonian Talmud… you could not find more ignorant nonsense if you tried to make it up yourself).


And now the clip… for the purposes of criticism (it's good).