No arguments, dearest darling Reader… just fucking watch this, OK? I've even embedded it for you.

It's an hour out of your life, which is a small price to pay to better understand how a small group of blindingly smart, dedicated people have changed, for the better, the global conversation in the world that you live in.

And once you've finished that, make sure you visit and bookmark – which has grown from almost nothing, to the top 0.2% of all global web traffic, in the last month.

Am I jealous? I hear you ask… well, answer the following questions: is the Pope an ex-Nazi who protects child-molesters? Is Bibbidy-Bobbidy Nethan-Yahoo's comb-over the biggest disgrace since Ezekiel ate a shit sandwich?

So yeah. I'm fully jelly.

Anyhow… your Beloved GT exchanges tweets with some of the folks involved and they are our sort of people: bright, engaged, and committed to helping with a noble cause. Donate to them, and to Wikileaks, you bunch of skinflints.